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History of wine vinegar

Vinegar is one of nature's great gifts to mankind, and vinegar history shows us why. It is a truly natural product. Any alcoholic beverage, whether it is made from apples, grapes, dates, rice or plain white sugar, once exposed to air, will turn naturally to vinegar. It is the ever-present bacteria in the air that converts the alcohol in cider, wine, and beer, into acetic acid, which gives vinegar its characteristic sharp sour taste. So it is safe to say that man has been exposed to vinegar since before recorded vinegar history.

Wine vinegar is either made from red or white. Cooks use vinegar for many purposes such as; pickling, deglazing pans, marinating meats, making sauces and is found in certain desserts. Red wine vinegar is commonly used in the Mediterranean countries.

Our company offers a variety of white, red and balsamic type of vinegars. In packages for b2b 2,4,5 and 10lt.