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History of the Olive tree

The olive tree appeared in the Mediterranean region thousands of years ago and from there spread to the surrounding countries.

It is believed that the Neolithic Age in the Aegean world among edible fruits included gathering olive fruits. In the late Neolithic period dating indeed far older samples of olive available and which come from Crete and Voiotia.

At Nisyros, Kumi and Santorini, found fossilized leaves of European Elea dating 50,000 years.

The Greek mythology refers the olive tree as a gift of the goddess Athena, when a contest became between Athena and the god Poseidon of which of the two would give the name of the city. According to mythology, Poseidon struck the sacred rock of the Acropolis with his triaina and immediately sprang a wave of saltwater, later named “Erechthiida” sea. When Athena struck the rock with her sacred wand, sprang an olive tree, full of fruit, which was seen as a promise of glory and prosperity of the city.