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What we do

  • Triantafyllos Samaras came to Greece with his mother from Tatavla of Konstantinoupoli, now Kurtuluş of Istanbul after the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey. His ancestors were traders and farmers. When he grew up he became a farmer himself in North Euboea in the town of Neos Pyrgos. From his early years he was working really hard, cultivating a wide variety of food products, tomatoes , sprouts, melons, watermelons, olives and many more. He was selling the produce in the food market of Aidipsos but also in the wholesale food market of Athens. In his life he made two marriages, our line starts from the second. He married Evlampia and together they had two sons Thanassis and Apostolis. The business was thriving and in 1962 he bought his first tracktor a Fordson with a Perkins engine with license plate 323 (the 323 tracktor in Greece). This really revolutionized their ways of cultivation, harvest and transport.

    Thanassis and Apostolis also got involved in the agriculture industry, in their early thirtys they started their own business. One of the biggest farms of pigs in Euboea, Greece. Although several factors went wrong and they lost everything. So they went back to the cultivation of earth. Which helped them get on their feet again.

    In late 2008 Apostolis with his son Triantafyllos started their own company, with the main ambition to sell quality food products in Greece and abroad, by controlling all the aspects from the field to the packaging, till the shelf. Now their products are the best sellers in the Athens wholesalers food market, and exported in two continents. With the logistic center of the company being in Agios Ioannis Rentis of Attica, in the center of the Greek food industry and two packaging facilities in Euboea and Atalanti.

  • With our producers in North Euboea we cultivate figs of the Taxiarchis variety, our facilities have the ability to process 200 tonnes per harvest year. Our dried figs are offered in a wide variety of packages, such as vacuum bags, plastic bags, or bulk, we also offer dried fig bars.

    In our olives processing facility in Atalanti, Greece, we gather the fresh olives and through natural procedures we make them edible. We have the ability to process 2000 tonnes of olives per year. Kalamon, Chalkidikis, Amfissis, black and green olives are our main varieties. We have cutting edge machines that sort the olives based on color and size, we have the ability to extract the pitt and also make olive paste . Our company has ISO 22000 certification.

    We offer a wide range of packaging per product for B2B customers. Olive products are packed in vacuum bags and Doy pack (stand up pouch) of 250gr, 500gr, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg. In plastic transparent pet containers of 600gr, 2.5kg, 5kg. In large plastic containers of 13kg, 50kg, 80kg, 130kg, 150kg. In glass jars 200gr, 500gr, 1.5kg. Dried figs Taxiarchi B. Evia in traditional packaging of 250gr, 500gr. In vacuum 250gr and packed with window suitable for wholesale 5kg. We can also package products at the request of the client for private label.

  • Since our Packaging and Logistic centre is based in Athens and more specifically, in Agios Iwannis Rentis the heart of the Greek food industry, we have the competitive advantage of ensuring to the customer that the products leave in the best condition but also delivered in such.